Tips and Tools for finding Homesteading Land

The goal for our blog and YouTube channel has been and will always be a three-fold endeavor, to share with you our existing homesteading knowledge, to share our experience of acquiring new knowledge and skills to run a country homestead, and to share all our experiences in transitioning from a city to a country lifestyle.

One of the greatest challenges to date has been to find property to start building our homestead.  This is an exhausting process that has been frustrating to say the least.  We are sharing our experience with this issue in order to help you prepare your mindset for the roller coaster ride that is country real estate.  

We have chronicled several of our property search challenges on our Youtube channel, living experienceWe will continue to bring you along for the journey when we search for land and show you our positive and negative findings for each piece. 

Land in East Texas is a HOT commodity right now.  

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Land. What do I need for a Homestead?

Figuring out how much land you need is complex. Here are the questions we think are helpful and you need to ask yourself before venturing out onto a homestead.

  1. How big will my house be? How many solar panels or wind turbines will I need?
  2. How many outbuildings do you need? Barn? Shop? Garage? Chicken coop?
  3. Will I raise animals to eat? (a vegan lifestyle means less land used to feed animals) Tip: it takes a good chunk of land to graze cows, etc. It also takes a lot of land to grow feed such as corn for them.
  4. Do you have a pond? Do you want a pond? Do you need a pond?
  5. Do you live in a cold climate? Will you need firewood to heat your home?
  6. Will you plant an orchard?
  7. Will you plant grains to use in baking?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What land is available in your area of the country?
  10. Do you want to use your land for a business? Agriculture? Raising sheep for wool?

As you can see, there a many factors. Many farming, gardening and seed company authorities state that you need a minimum of 2 acres to be able to grow enough food for a family of 4 eating a vegan diet. Lets break this down point by point.  

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