Transitioning to being a Homesteader. Changing your mindset and thinking.

When you decide to throw away the rat race and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a more peaceful yet challenging adventure in the countryside, you have already made many important decisions. The thoughts of "Why am I doing this job?", "Why am I sitting in this traffic?", "What is the point of keeping up with the Joneses?", "This Organic produce is crazy expensive. I wish I could grow my own." all pass through your head and come up for discussion within your family. 

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8 Big Costs To Consider When Starting Your Country Homestead

As we all know, it takes money to accomplish our dreams. Some have more than others. We have a finite amount. It is ok to have little or plenty. We are writing from our perspective and understand that you may have less or more. We hope that this article helps those whom may be in a similar situation to us. If it helps others outside of our financial means, then great. We will be even happier.

It should not be taboo to talk about how much money you have or have not. Without disclosing really personal information, we will give you an idea of where we are at in this article. 

Starting Point

Everyone will start at a different place.

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