Progress on the homestead is exciting but there is always more to do.

Progress and Setbacks

I don't want to always write about the challenges of homesteading because there are so many rewards.  Reality is there will be many challenges and it is your mindset and faith that will get you through the tough hurdles with a smile on your face. 

Right now, we are full steam ahead!  So exciting. The fleas are gone! We are putting in our wood flooring and building our garden fencing.  You check out our current projects on our YouTube channel here: Country Living Experience on YouTube 

My wife is very relieved

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Homesteading Hurdles: The Mental and Physical

Homesteading can be a struggle. It surely is not easy. The twists and turns contained in this lifestyle can tax you physically and mentally. By far the hardest hurdle to overcome is the mental hurdle. We are about sharing our experiences with you, both the good and bad. Here is what has been happening with us lately.


Yes, there are fleas in our country home.

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