31 Skills Every Homesteader Should Learn Now!

Where are we all coming from as homesteaders?  Some of us are coming from a city life, some a suburban life and some were raised in the countryside.  We all have different skills that we bring to the table.  Some of us have bounced between different places our entire life.  I for example, grew up in the countryside from age 10 to 18.  My parents attempted to teach me skills for a self-sufficient lifestyle.  I personally was only interested in sports and girls.  Luckily, the skills I observed and took part in stuck.  Though I had been apart from that lifestyle for some time, they quickly returned to me once we decided to make our transition to a country lifestyle.  I did live a city life for quite some time but some skills are like riding a bike.

No matter where you are in your learning path, feel confident that you can acquire the skills you need to live an off-grid country lifestyle. I know I was extremely excited to learn new skills and relearn old ones. 

The following is a list of what we believe are the most important skills you can learn.  Not to say there are not others, we just feel these are the most basic.

Lets stop all the suspense and present to you "The List":


Probably the single most important skill to have.  You are going to have to build many structures.




Break your tractor or a vehicle axle? Need to fix a lawnmower pulley assembly? A must have skill.


Got a leak? Water is precious and can also cause severe damage.  




This one goes without saying.  If you want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, you must grow your own food.

Garden Workers


Money may or may not be limited for you. Learn how to create a budget and manage your money.

Food Preservation (Canning and Drying)

With all that food growing in your garden, you cannot eat it all in one sitting.



Food scraps or animal droppings, you will need to learn how to compost both.


Save Seeds

If you want to keep your garden going year after year, you will need to dry and save some seeds.

First Aid and CPR

Injuries happen. You must learn how to deal with them.


Use Common Tools

Wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, saws, shovels, axe, knives, pliers, etc.  Find our complete list of tools you NEED for your homestead here: 45 Critical Homesteading Tools

Tie Knots

Secure loads or lift materials and tools or string a laundry line.


Basic Vehicle Mechanics and Repair

Don't get stuck needing a mechanic. Do it yourself.

Build a Fire

Keep warm or get rid of scrap wood and paper



How to care for animals

Dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, horses. No matter which animals you plan on having, you need to know how to care for them.


Sew Clothing

You will not always have easy access to a clothing store.  Sew those little rips and tears or make yourself a new shirt.

Cook and Bake

All of those garden veggies need to be properly prepared. See our best bread recipe Here: Savory Crusty Artisan Bread - No-Kneading and very easy to make!

Make a Greenhouse

If you live in a cold climate, it is nice to have fresh food in the winter.


Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Tornados = build a tornado shelter. Wildfires = prepare your land for proper defense. Ice Storm = Woodstove for heat.

Prepare Proper Growing Soil

You can build and prepare your soils to feed your plants perfectly for years upon years.

Cut Wood/Chop Down A Tree

You need wood to burn to heat your home and you also will need to remove dangerous dead trees.


Plant a Tree

Want to plan an orchard for fruit?  This is a must have skill.

Purify Water

If you have a well on your property, have it tested to make sure there are no pathogens lurking around. Always filter!

How to Sharpen Knives and Axes

You use them, they get dull. A sharp tool is a safe tool and a much easier tool to use.


Protect from Predators

Having a dog that can protect your family is important. Having a weapon and knowing how to use it is just as important.

Learn How to Identify Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak are prevalent across the USA.  Learn to avoid them and treat the symptoms if touched.


Prune Trees

Keep your trees healthy with proper pruning techniques.

How to Heat Your Home

Wood Stove, Solar power, proper insulation. There are many techniques, factors and skills to learn.


Make Activated Charcoal

This can cure many ailments and is a must to have in the home at all times. Learn how to make it.

Make Soap

Keep clean without all the store bought stuff.

Make Candles

If the lights go out and you are out of batteries then these are a must have.


Make an Oil Lamp

If the lights go out part II.

No need to panic. You can acquire these skills over time, but we think these are the bare minimum essentials to learn as soon as you can.  There will be opportunities to learn much more along the way and we are sure you will enjoy every minute.

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