Homestead Tool Store

A large majority of the tools that we showcase on our site, we either own, use on our homestead, have used in the past or hold in high regard from information obtained from other users. We highly recommend the items you see here and stand by their quality or in the case of less expensive products, their value. We suggest that you have a majority of these tools on your homestead to make your work less daunting and more comfortable.

You know that living on a homestead means being frugal and finding value which leads to saving money.  Sometimes getting the best value means buying an expensive high quality product and sometimes it is just the opposite.  Throughout our site we will highlight which items fit those two categories.

Axes, Knives and Sharpening

I carry the Gerber folding knife on a daily basis. It is an incredibly valuable tool and comes out of my pocket at least 4 times a day for various reasons. I don't like to struggle to open packaging or grab a kitchen steak knife to open the latest Amazon package that arrives at our door. There are better uses for steak knives. The Gerber folder is a good quality knife that remains very sharp because of its high quality steel. It is a great value as well. At only 24 bucks, it is a must have. I particularly like the combination of the tanto point and the serrated portion of the blade. These further make the knife valuable because of its versatility. This knife is not bulky in the least and it's slim frame fits perfectly clipped onto any pants pocket or inside the waist band.

We will soon be adding a video review of the knives here:  You can find our video review of the Marbles Small Camp Axe on that page or on our YouTube channel here: Living Experience/Marbles Camp Axe


Tools are vital to a homestead!  You must have the basics! Anything beyond those basics is awesome and a luxury. However, you will be surprised at just how many tools you will need to live an off-grid sustainable lifestyle on a homestead.  

There are many categories of tools you will need to obtain before and during your homesteading experience.  Tools for gardening, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, power tools, forestry, and more.  Additionally, there are tools for food processing in and out of the kitchen as well as solar electronics.  

Don't feel overwhelmed.  I know it seems like a mountain of items you will need to acquire but you may already have some of the items and your friends or family members may have some that they can loan you until you are able to purchase your own. 

We showcase a few tools in a recent video highlighting some minor engine repair. Check it out here: Thermostat Replacement for our Truck

First Aid

First aid skills and preparedness are just as vital on a homestead than anything else.  I have had some training in the past and keep up through reading and studying.  Injuries on a country property that initially seem minor can be magnified in their seriousness because of location and distance to medical care facilities.  In our case, it really helps that the Mrs. is a nurse by profession so having that added level of expertise is a wonderful bonus.  

We recommend having basic first aid kits (IFAK's) in all of your vehicles and in your home as well as advanced critical care items such as a CAT tourniquet and an Israeli style compression dressing.  These items are essential if you are handling items like chainsaws, axes, saws, power tools and tractors.

If you are feeling a little uneasy thinking about potential injuries or have never taken basic first aid or basic life support classes, don't worry you will learn. You can sign up for free online training courses for first aid here:

We also recommend visiting:  or Red Cross First Aid and

(*Any advice mentioned on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care.  If you are injured please seek professional medical attention immediately.)

We also highly recommend for your everyday health care a holistic medical approach through proper diet and medicinal herbal remedies.  We will be adding a full section to our site on these two subjects in the very near future so stay tuned!

Video and Electronics

What do we use to make our videos?  Carefully researched equipment.  We are happy with the quality of all these items.


I have to feed myself? 

Yep. Part of homesteading is being more self sufficient and relying on you and your family to provide items to live.  Obviously one of those items is food.  Gardening can seem daunting and you may thing that you don't have a "green thumb".  No worries.  We are excited to provide you with all the knowledge that we have and if we don't know something, we will direct you to someone who does know. 

We come from two families who did a lot of gardening. My father was an avid gardener and taught me a lot when I was a kid.  Did I appreciate it? Nope.  Did I retain the information? Some.  I have tried in recent years to rekindle my gardening knowledge.  I have had some successes but now we are moving up to a larger scale. Yikes.  

So in the four years back in the garden I have learned and remembered a lot.  One thing I know is that soil is the key.  The other thing that I know is if you don't have the right tools for the job, it will either be very difficult or impossible to get the job done.  Stay tuned to see how we progress in our task for growing food for our family.

In the mean time check out our videos on growing indoor citrus here: Mealybug removal on your indoor citrus trees and How to properly prune citrus

Also check out one of the best methods for gardening that we have ever found.....Back to Eden Garden Method


Now that you are growing your own food, you need to cook it.  We recommend several cooking utensils and implements that are musts in a homestead kitchen. We will also be crafting a recipe book for y'all so stay tuned for that.  In the mean time check out our awesome scratch made bread video here.......YouTube/Best Country Italian Bread Recipe

Recommended Books

These books are inspiring, helpful and informative. They gave us some amazing information and we are confident they will help you too.