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Come learn and share our experience on the homestead!

 Well, we are on our way.  From the city to the country.  We know it will not be easy but we look forward to the trials.

Join us in our journey and learn with us as we make this transition.  If you have ever wanted to quit your 9 to 5 job, 

leave the career and rat race behind, be more self-sufficient, live a more quiet lifestyle filled with family and

hands-on home-growing projects, please join us.

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Land. What do I need for a Homestead?

Figuring out how much land you need is complex. Here are the questions we think are helpful and you need to ask yourself before venturing out onto a homestead.

  1. How big will my house be? How many solar panels or wind turbines will I need?
  2. How many outbuildings do you need? Barn? Shop? Garage? Chicken coop?
  3. Will I raise animals to eat? (a vegan lifestyle means less land used to feed animals) Tip: it takes a good chunk of land to graze cows, etc. It also takes a lot of land to grow feed such as corn for them.
  4. Do you have a pond? Do you want a pond? Do you need a pond?
  5. Do you live in a cold climate? Will you need firewood to heat your home?
  6. Will you plant an orchard?
  7. Will you plant grains to use in baking?
  8. What is your budget?
  9. What land is available in your area of the country?
  10. Do you want to use your land for a business? Agriculture? Raising sheep for wool?

As you can see, there a many factors. Many farming, gardening and seed company authorities state that you need a minimum of 2 acres to be able to grow enough food for a family of 4 eating a vegan diet. Lets break this down point by point.  

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What is Homesteading and why are you doing it?

Homesteading is a lifestyle that focuses on self-sufficiency located usually on a tract of rural land. Most reference material will point toward the definition of homesteading as being a mostly rural endeavor. Recently the terms Urban Homesteading and Suburban Homesteading have emerged.

In our experience and opinion it is very difficult to attain that lifestyle of self-sufficiency associated to homesteading, in an urban or suburban setting. We have had the pleasure of living, now, in all three types of places.

Some history.

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Tools. What the heck do I need on a homestead?

There are many opinions out there.  We have ours. From growing up on a small homestead,  to being around  those whom have recently started homesteads and also heavy research on the topic, we believe the following are must have tools to get started.  

Notice we said get started.  Your tool needs will continue to grow as your homestead grows.  You can of course add the big dollar items like a tractor or a wire feed welder but we wanted to begin with the basics.  Don't feel overwhelmed about this list of 45 items.  You can gradually collect them. Buy them new, find them at garage sales and estate sales or borrow them from friends to start.  Many of these items can be had for little money and should be easy to obtain.  We want you to be successful in your homestead  endeavors.  

Pruning Shears: Needed for pruning fruit trees and even garden vegetable plants. Watch us prune our citrus here: Pruning Indoor Citrus: DIY Tips

pruning shears 2

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I want to move and live a quiet life in the country. Where do I start? Debt or?

When we first started down the decision path of making a transition from the city to the country, many things crossed our minds. One of the biggest thoughts at the forefront was "How are we going to pay off our debt?" and "Is it prudent to pay off the debt before leaving?".

Yes, the debt was the big one. We were saddled like most Americans with what we perceived to be mountains of it. We had no problem with the payments. From car notes, to credit cards, to the mortgage, student loans,

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You quit your job and did what? Are you going to raise chickens?

Several months ago I had a chance to say " I quit!" to the owner of our firm.  It was satisfying and sad at the same time because it really was a nice place to work with many fun projects. I do love many aspects architecture profession, though there are many I dislike greatly.  This is true of any profession or of any job or task in life I suppose.  I think the architecture profession is needlessly masochistic however.  There are many ways to hone, change, develop, grow and  advance a dying profession but it is far too insular to change completely.  This is not a rant about the profession of architecture so I will move on. 

Life is short.  We have all heard that

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