Transitioning to being a Homesteader. Changing your mindset and thinking.

When you decide to throw away the rat race and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a more peaceful yet challenging adventure in the countryside, you have already made many important decisions. The thoughts of "Why am I doing this job?", "Why am I sitting in this traffic?", "What is the point of keeping up with the Joneses?", "This Organic produce is crazy expensive. I wish I could grow my own." all pass through your head and come up for discussion within your family. 

You may have already started to think of a new career that is more conducive to the countryside, researched passive income strategies that will free you to farm, or talked your boss into letting you work from a new home. These are all important and serious changes in your mindset and planning. You have resigned the fact that you may not make the same income but you are willing to trade that for a peaceful scenery and picking apples off your own tree. 

For us, it all started with thinking about our debt situation and our daughter being in daycare. Those two main reasons got us started down the path of moving to the country and starting a homestead. Other factors such as societal degradation, study of bible prophecy, a desire to do medical missionary work, and knowledge and study of the current world economic situation also contributed. Additionally, the desire to grow our own healthy food for our family was an important motivator. 

Why would my daughter being in daycare make me want to move to the country? Well, simply I did not know what she was learning or seeing during the day. She would come home saying words we surely did not teach her and acting in ways that we did not act. After careful thought it became our desire to transition to a single breadwinner family with one parent at home teaching our children. We also desired to have our children learn from the book of nature rather than the park in the concrete jungle.

Many people will have many different reasons and changing your mindset about where you live, what possessions you have, financial security, careers, family dynamics, etc. must be entertained and met head on. 

Fear of the unknown aspects of being self-sufficient and living that type of lifestyle need to be mulled over and carefully considered. There are and always will be challenges but how do they compare the challenges of the rat race corporate ladder insanity or the challenges of sitting in traffic for more hours than you get to play with your kids.

You must find joy in the challenges of providing for yourself and your family through physical labor as well as mental. Mental stress in a homestead setting may arise when, for example, your crop of veggies gets taken out by swarms of pests or your well pump breaks and you have no water to take a shower. Physical stress from constantly working with your hands and caring for animals and vegetables starts to catch up to you must be considered. Planning can reduce many hurdles but there will always be additional speed bumps that nobody saw coming where a solid character will need to display grace and have faith to overcome.

Simply put, if you want to make this transition, you must continue to change your thinking and mindset for a completely different experience.


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